Self Defense For Men, Women & Kids

Self defense course is designed to make you more aware, prepared, and ready for any situation that may occur in your everyday life on any given day. This course differs from other self defense classes in that they start from the point of attack, and since I believe attacks begin before it becomes physical, we teach how to avoid the attack altogether.

In this course you will learn: 

  • How to avoid being a target
  • How to handle a confrontation: verbally, mentally, and psychologically
  • The power of body language and non-verbal cues
  • Effective tips on how to be safer and more aware
  • Safety items and how to use your cell phone as an “invisible friend”
  • Specific locations: elevators, street, subways, dates, bars, taxis, etc.
  • Learning how to use your voice

Physical Techniques:

  • How, when and where to strike
  • Learning over 23 strikes from head to toe
  • What to do from the floor & how to handle attacks from behind
  • Escape from grabs and chokeholds
  • How to handle multiple attackers & what to do when a weapon is involved
  • Easy mnemonic devices to remember techniques